Membership & Mooring Fees

Annual Administration Fees: BD 200/-

Annual Berthing:

  •   •  Wet Mooring - Boats : BD 150 per meter per year (minimum of 12 meters)
  •   •  Dry Mooring - Boats : BD 90 per meter per year (minimum of 8 meters)
  •   •  Dry Mooring - Jet Ski : BD 320 per year

Slip way daily charge:

  •   •  Boat BD 20
  •   •  Jet Ski BD 15

Daily Berthing:

  •   •  Wet Mooring BD 5 (per meter per day)
  •   •  Dry Mooring BD 2 (per meter per day)

Beach Entry:

  •   •  BD 5 per head. 
  •   •  For members, guests - BD 1 
  •   •  Kids below 12 free of charge. 

All above pricing are subject to annual contracts.

Payment terms:
The payment consists Annual Administration fees plus the 12 months mooring fees and should be paid in advance.

Documents required to join Amwaj Marina are as follows:

  •   •  Valid Personal sailing permit.
  •   •  Valid Boat Registration.
  •   •  Valid Boat Insurance.
  •   •  Valid CPR.
      •  Personal Photo.

The Management reserves the right to change the above without prior notice.

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